Biographical notes

I was born in Mozambique (my parents were Portuguese colonialists) and lived there most of my adolescence. Due to social and political instability, I followed my family who left the country to Portugal (1985) and eventually Quebec where I live since 1989.

The discovery of art's history and painters such as Malangatana Ngwenya (1936-2010) and Mario Chichorro (1932-), definitely marked may infancy and adolescence. These migratory movements were efforts to escape difficult life conditions, they ended up disturbing my progression as a student. When I left Mozambique at the age of 17, I did not complete my studies in art, then the incident repeated itself in Portugal where I attended my pre-university studies in technical drawing, once again I didn't get a diploma. I got to Québec when I was 22, with a life full of rich experiences and a lot of curiosity towards the arts field, thank to my studies, not completed but certainly not vane.

My interest for visual arts has been present trough out my entire life and lately it became a necessity. Living in a new culture increased the distance of my mother's language, Portuguese. Today I no longer speak Portuguese fluently, I affirm myself as a francophone, I think in French, however since I started speaking French at the age of 22, I often feel a kind of weakness. This linguistic emptiness, and a certain difficulty with the written expression, this linguistic void re-enforces my creative work within the visual arts field.

Opening myself to other forms of expression, other points of views feeds my research that transposes in to an engaged artistic expression that affirms itself professionally since 2008.